This is just so satisfying to my designy nerd soul.

By Tim Fishlock.

PS - I once found a pair of the Z chair in lucite at a consignment shop for like $200 total, and I decided to think about it for a day, and I went back and they were gone, and I've honestly mourned the decision ever since.  Bird in the hand, people, bird. in. the. hand.  Let me have learned this lesson for you.

PPS - Kyle, I know what you're going to say- we literally have no space or use for more chairs.  I know.  But I looove them.  You got lucky on this one. 


  1. I'm the same way with chairs. I will collect them until they're sharing the bed with us.

  2. Nonsense! Those lucite Z chairs probably would have found a perfect spot on our patio... right next to the dead lemon tree, empty planting barrel, grill we've used once, fire pit we've used once (as a beer cooler, mind you), and eliptical machine used a max of four times, ever. It's our very own junkyard of good ideas.


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