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See, I said it was going to be a music-themed day, but I get bored really easily and I'm already really over the idea of posting three music themed things in a row.  I did it, and it's making me feel really anxious, so I'm taking one down, putting it back in the drafts folder, and will post it later.  So now you have something to look forward to!  Aren't you dying to know what it was now?

Moving on, I discovered CXXVI Clothing Co. via the cool hand-lettered collateral materials by Jon Contino shown below (I'm not really sure what they're for, neither are their logo).  

Upon seeing these materials, I decided I had to check out whatever company would commission these to be made, and that's when I found this framed print of a seltzer bottle that I'm dying for.  

I'm still charmed by this article about the seltzer man in Brooklyn who had been delivering seltzer to homes for almost 40 years (accompanying photo below), and I think the print would happily remind me of the article every time I looked at it.  But I digress...

I love brands that have a really defined look, so I like how all of their stuff seems to have this Moby Dick-inspired nautical/Americana thing going on, even if the nautical theme is getting a lot of air time right now.

A pocket knife etched and inked with black India ink by a company in Maine.  (I might need this too.)

More lettering by Jon Contino, I presume?

Now wondering how I'd never heard of this company??
CXXVI here.

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