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I'm sure anyone who is a regular reader of this blog has noticed that I'm a pretty particular person, and those of you who know me outside of the internets probably know that this particularity extends to nail polish colors. 

 After growing up in a place where a French manicure seems like the only kind of manicure anyone ever gets (other than really bright toe colors for spring break/summer), I was convinced I hated painted finger nails.  French manicures are a major pet peeve.  I just can't relate.  I could go on about this, but I don't want to offend anyone, and I do realize this is a personal peeve.

But then, I discovered the bright red, short-nailed look, and fell hard and never looked back.  Red on the fingers, light light pink on the toes (occasionally on the fingers), but never anything else.  For some reason I think these are the only colors that suit me.  Other people can rock the purples and neon pinks, but I just can't pull it off.

So of course, I am obsessive about the exact shade of red and light pink.  Blue-undertoned straight-up red, slightly darker in winter, and pink so pale it's almost neutral.  No opalescense or pearliness.  Straight pigment.

I can spend outrageous amounts of time in the store testing and picking the shade, and then I keep them in my purse so I always have them on my when I go to get my nails done.  I simply can't risk the nail place not having the right shade. (Do I sound high maintenance here or what? I prefer to call it "particular."  I swear there's a difference.)

All this to say, I fell in love when I discovered the Deborah Lippmann line of polishes sold at Barney's.  She has multiple great reds and light pinks (including great orange undertone reds I wouldn't usually go for), as well as other shades that despite my red-or-light pink-only rule, I am seriously tempted by.  

 So there's gauranteed to be a color to suit everyone's fancy, not just red/light pink people like me.  The colors are so great that I found myself wondering if I could branch out to aubergine without having an identity crisis.  I'm even tempted by the glittery gold... one time I wrapped gold foil around the tips of my fingers, loved the unabashed glam of it, and decided if I ever found a super gilt-y gold I'd have to try it.  Somehow I think it's a reasonable addition to my narrow repertoire.

Plus, they have great names like "My Old Flame," "Prelude to a Kiss," "Call Me Irresponsible," and "Whatever Lola Wants."

[Above, Giovanna Battaglia, former house model of Dolce & Gabbana, who I happen to have a major girl crush on, sporting red nails.]
[At top, sketch by Garance.]

Available here.  (Expensive, yes, but seriously it takes forever to use up a bottle of nail polish.)

And in case you're wondering, favorite reds are Sally Hansen Salon Lacquer "Hollywood Scarlet" for winter and Essie "Pepperoni" for summer (although horrible name, I know). 


  1. Ha! I am exactly the opposite - I wear light pink on my fingers (bc we're not allowed to wear polish in the hospital) and red on my toes. But I agree, I've never been a fan of the french manicure/pedicure!

    Love you tons and can't wait to hear about your new niece/nephew!

  2. Stirl I think that's a perfect look on you! But funny that our signature looks are the same colors, just reversed!


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