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As I mentioned, I'm in Atlanta right now, and I just learned that the wife of Sid Mashburn, who owns the men's shop by the same name, is opening a storefront of her own!  Named, fittingly, eponomously, Ann Mashburn.

Sid Mashburn has quickly become an Atlanta staple, but for those of y'all who are further afield, a quick introduction...

After putting in time at brands such as Ralph Lauren and J. Crew, Mr. Mashburn brought his wife and their five daughters to Atlanta and opened his self-titled shop.

With a focus on, and championing of, crisp tailoring and quality craftsmanship, the store stocks a well-edited stable of brands such as APC, Persol, Filson, Levi's, Jack Spade, Globe Trotter, his own house line, and more.

But the selection is only half the draw-- Mr. Mashburn and his irresistibly charming crew are not only welcoming, but also offer up easygoing guidance to their clients on everything from fit to cuff lengths.  And, lest I forget, they also have tailors on site, working right there in the store to alter customize whatever your heart desires.  Could this store get any cooler?

Despite the obviously masculine bent, (it is a men's store after all), I walk out every time coveting a whole host of manly products, wondering if I could re-appropriate them for my own use.  Can't wait to see what Ann Mashburn has in store...

Website here.
Online store at Taigan.

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  1. Great post! You can also shop Sid Mashburn on Taigan: http://www.taigan.com/shops/sidmashburn


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