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How can guys look better at the office?

I couldn't resist posting these survey results-- I so agree with them!  Valet partnered with Don Q Lady Data to ask women how they felt about men's clothing.  

Above, my #1 pet peeve when it comes to men's clothing!  Why oh why do so many men buy those boxy suits that are about three sizes too big and not tailored at all to fit them?  Maybe they wish they were bigger and think the clothes will have the effect of making them look larger than they are?  But actually, pro athletes are some of the worst offenders in this category, so I don't know.  But I'm relieved to know that other women have noticed this as well.  So men, please, find a tailor or take a well-dressed woman with you to pick out your clothes. 

The trend of going sockless ... pro or con?

In general, do you think the average man dresses well?

This means if you thought that #1 above was talking about you and your too-large clothes, it probably was. 

But lest you think this is a huge downer, I feel strongly that menswear in America is really having a moment (in fact, such a moment that I think menswear is more interesting than womenswear right now) and that this could all turn around.  Also, this only means that the guys out there who do dress well have a serious leg up!

You can check out the results to the other 7 questions, including more insight into why 61% of women think the average man dresses poorly, here.

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