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Broken Bells = artist/producer Danger Mouse + The Shins' vocalist James Mercer.  That information was about all it took to pique my interest, and I'm happy to report that the assumption was a good one.  

Danger Mouse, who has produced everything from rap beats to the Black Keys, reappropriates Mercer's once-revolutionary, now-predictable (and dare I say worn out?) sound and takes him into a new, more exploratory territory (but don't worry it's not tooo out there by any means).  So if you were hoping Mercer might one day change your life again, this could be your answer.  Give these two songs a listen and see what you think.

But, let me warn you!  The videos are bizarre, and I actually didn't really like them.  Except that the second one features Christina Hendricks (aka Joan from Mad Men).  I merely posted them so that you could hear the songs... but don't be scared off if you don't like the visuals, just keep scrolling and listening and don't watch the vids.

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