Are you past, present, or future-oriented?

Just discovered this organization, the RSA, self-described "cradle of enlightenment," has this series called RSA Animate, where they illustrate and animate the talks they have sponsored.  I feel like I could sit down and watch about twenty of these in a row... I've already watched three, and it was very hard to decide which one to share here (I'll have to post more later).

This one is a very interesting 10 minute lecture + animation about how we perceive time.  Apparently, there are six different types of people with regards to how we perceive time, and this affects our work, health, and well-being.

Did you know that the closer people live to the equator, the more present-oriented they are because the seasons don't change very much throughout the year, so there is a continuing perception of sameness all the time?  I can say as a non-local living in SB, I think that's true!!  People are never in a hurry and it's sort of a joke how everyone comments on how nice life is here all the time.

Also, I was totally captivated by this guy's drawings and the overall animation!  I was totally sucked in by wanting to see how he would illustrate the lecturer's message... watch it for one minute and I bet you'll be hooked.

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