(Might soon be) Listening To >> Best Coast (if I figure out how to make my "start-up disk" un-full)

Great song, awesome video, though like the Jay-Z "Hello Brooklyn" video I obsessed over, it's not the official video.  It's a scene from Les Demoiselles de Rochefort from 1967... check it out and watch at least until the dance number kicks in around 1:00.

Their full-length album came out yesterday, and though I haven't bought the album yet, because my mac keeps killing all my fun by telling me that my "startup disk is full," here's The Tale of the Tape's concise review, which after listening through the previews on iTunes a few times, I think puts it really well:

"Easily one of our most anticipated records of the year, after several listens Crazy For You lives up to the hype.  Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno make it sound so easy on their debut LP, blending 60′s girl-group harmonies with 90′s alt-rock riffs.  Cosentino’s simple lyrics, which occasionally border on silly, offer an earnest yet self-assured perspective on yearning and heartache."

 And if I weren''t convinced to check it out by Tale of the Tape, I definitely was by this iTunes review:
Subject line: "I got braces for a second time today"
Review: "But since this album came out today, I'm still calling it the best day ever."

Best Coast myspace here.
[Video originally seen on Nick Olsen's blog]

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