Easy as ABC

I don't know why exactly, but I found this little video so charming.  Watching the little boy trying to write letters, struggling with the forms and fitting them on the paper, while his dad, who clearly does this as his trade, masterfully writes beautiful letters is sort of inexplicably touching, and not just because I like handwriting.  But maybe the combination of handwriting plus father/son stuff and the snapshot of a phase of childhood was just too much for me.

The little boy's efforts are so wonderfully child-like, at that stage where imitating shapes is still so difficult, and he's trying so hard, glancing at his dad's paper but rarely able to get it right, and you know some day he'll probably show the same talent as his father and dad will be so proud of the tradition and ability he passed on. 

PS- the intro credits are long, but even those are entertaining, watching the dad write in two distinct fonts!

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