Vanity Fair: "The Top Ten Most Stunning French Actresses"

Not in their same order, as I've moved Audrey Tautou, star of my favorite movie (Amelie), to the top of the list, but here they are.  Don't French women just have a different quality than American women?  Something more naturally, effortlessly enchanting?

Above, Audrey Tautou, according to VF, at her sexiest in in Coco Avant Chanel (2009), so good.

Brigitte Bardot, "" in God Created Women (1956).

Eva Green, "" The Dreamers (2003)

Emanuelle Beart, "" Manon des Sources (1986)

Marion Cotillard, "" La Vie en Rose (2007).

Jeanne Moreau, Elevator to the Gallows (1958).

Sophie Marceau, "" La Fille de d'Artignan tied with Beyond the Clouds

Catherine Deneuve, "", Belle du Jour (1967).

Aissa Maiga, "" Bamako (2006).

Isabelle Adjani, "" Queen Margot

VF slideshow here.

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