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The Official Manufacturing Co. (OMFG), a collective of designers, describe themselves as "thing makers."  After working separately for the Ace Hotel and Wielden+Kennedy, they came together to unite their creative abilities.

Below, some of the marketing collateral and identity work they have produced...

Their work, including the indoor and outdoor signage for the Ace Hotels, has a wonderful retro quality that manages to be evocative and authentic feeling, rather than kitschy.  Or at least when it is kitschy, it is in a winkingly ironic way.

Doesn't the sign above just do it for you?  The marquee lighting is so simple, yet so appealing.

An album cover design for Black Prairie.

They also designed the packaging and marketing collateral for Stumptown Coffee (yum), which has a similar retro feel and looks awesome.


See more of OMFG's work at their website here.

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