Didn't see this one coming >> The new look of Timberland

Timberland has debuted a new collection that goes in a drastically different direction from what they've come to be associated with in the past decade or so... (ie the chunky standard tan suede men's boot and baby pink suede high-top, high-heeled, thick-soled boots with faux-shearling around the ankle for girls...yikes).

Inspired by New England and Northern England between 1900 and 1945, they've nailed some excellent details like the leather and suede stain colors and grain levels, the skinny laces, the wood and leather soles that look as though they've already spent years walking the docks...

And I'm liking it.  At least the men's collection.  Rolled up jeans with a plaid button-up and one of the pairs below would look just about perfect for gent spending summer in the city.

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  1. No freaking way! I swear, I think we live on some parallel cosmic universe. I just bought Matt the Timberland Chukka boots (in the first photo) as a surprise! We saw them in Santa Barbara but they were mad expensive, but I found them on ebay (brand new, still in the box) for half the regular retail price. They are seriously the most beautiful men's shoes I've ever seen. And men's shoes is not something that I have ever had a thougth about before. But these are so incredibly well made and I love the vintage-y design.


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