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This unassuming cafe in Paris, called Sweat Shop, has become the cool new hangout for hipsters with a penchant for sewing their own clothes/accessories/crafts/etc.

With ten Singer sewing machines, customers can use the cafe like a sewing version of a cybercafe-- paying to use the machines either by the hour or for a full day, in which case coffee, tea, and snacks are included.

Above, owners Martena Duss, a makeup artist, and Sissi Holleis, who had her own clothing line before opening the cafe.  In addition to cafe fare and use of the sewing machines, the ladies offer classes on various sewing techniques as well as kits that include all the patterns and materials necessary to make different things...

The whole world is going Handmade Nation... and I love it.

Sweat Shop website here.
NYT article about it here.

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