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I would say I pride myself on giving pretty good gifts (although not on remembering actual dates of birthdays or to put things in the mail on time, which does in fact matter just a little bit), but when I come across people who make homemade gifts like this, I am just amazed.  

This, all these images, are images of a gift this girl made for her boyfriend's birthday.  Not only did she sew him an ascot (so he "will be well-equipped if time travel is ever invented"), but she designed and made this accompanying suite of materials to go with it.

It even includes a little according booklet showing how to tie an ascot. 

It might not be the most practical gift ever, but just the fact that she would take all that time to think of, design, and make something so detailed is so touching.

Details on how she (Livy, of the blog A Field Guide) made it here.

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