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Do you read Smitten Kitchen?  If you don't, you should.  Deb, in addition to being a very funny and endearing food writer, has the best recipes and reading the blog will make you want to cook more. 

Recently, it's been making me want to bake more, which admittedly isn't very hard to do since I'll take any provocation to bake, but her summer dessert recipes are just too tempting, as they take perfect advantage of summer produce and flavors.

Above and below, this week's two escapades.  First, on Monday, I made this Raspberry Tart below, which I served to two people who claim not to like fruit desserts.  They both licked their plates.  That's only barely metaphorical.  One of the yummiest summer desserts I've ever made.

Then, last night I went for the Cherry Brown Butter Bars at top, and they might have topped the Raspberry Tart.  I get so excited when new things arrive at the farmers' market, and these bars were the perfect excuse to pick up some of the amazing cherries out there right now!

Next up, this Lime Yogurt Cake with Blackberry Sauce.  Dear friend Kristin, who I love to talk Smitten Kitchen with, made this one recently and said it rocked her world.  

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