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 Living walls + silhouette art + random acts of creativity + street art = just too much.  In the best way. 

Living (or green) walls, also called vertical gardens, are such a cool concept, and Mosstika, an "Urban Greenery" collaboration between Edina Tokodi and Jozsef Valyi-Toth, has turned them into silhouette art using grasses and moss, and then, even better, they put their pieces on public walls.

 I love how their work challenge the traditional notion of graffiti and the effect someone can have on a public space when "making their mark"-- both through the content and the medium. 

I love that it is something living on the wall, and reminds you of the nature that might have been there before all the buildings were.

Rather than just leaving a tag or a cryptic design, their street art gives something to the passerby-- just a small moment in which he or she gets to stop and marvel at the fact that an anonymous stranger spent their time making something beautiful for them to see.

It's an experience that is capable of making you feel more hopeful about the world for a moment, knowing that someone put that there expecting nothing in return.

Mosstika website here.

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