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The Bacsac is brilliant.  It solves the dilemna of rental-dwellers everywhere who don't want to plant a garden only to have to leave it behind for the next person.  Raised beds + mobility.

I have a nice big balcony with a southern exposure, so I've been starting some container garden efforts, but I've resisted my desire for a nice big raised bed type wooden container because there'd be no way to take it with me when I eventually move.  

Even moving a bunch of small pots will be annoying, and a bunch of small pots doesn't totally satisfy my desire for a big soil-filled garden patch.

The Bacsac is cleverly made of material usually used for erosion containment, so it's lightweight, durable, and allows for drainage-- perfect not only for gardeing but also mobility.  As they demonstrate in their cute photo at top, you can just pick up your garden and take it with you!

They come in different configurations so you can get whatever size you need.  From the photo below, it looks like you can even get one that could drape over a balcony or fence-- pretty clever.

And, it's actually more affordable than I expected.  Buying pots and containers adds up fast, and the easy alternative of just buying one Bacsac instead of a bunch of containers is pretty appealing.  

Available through the cool design store A+R (they have lots of great little gifts!)

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  1. Oh great, what a big garden container. I hope your plants safe in the top of your car.

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