Jidori Chicken: The New Kobe Beef

Have you heard about Jidori chicken?  It's like the kobe of beef, but for chicken, and the craze is sweeping LA and catching the eye of eating-local junkies.  

Check out this great article about a Jidori company in LA that is truly free-range, gets its birds from slaughter to table within 24 hours, and feeds them only vegetarian diets.  

They even manage to do the processing in a way that really doesn't have a gross-out factor.  Did you know that the "chilling systems used by many larger purveyors tend to fill the birds with so much water that they often become poultry-scented popsicles"???  Pretty gross, right?  Makes me only want to eat Jidori chickens, which don't get processed that way.

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