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I love photographer David Hilliard's tryptichs documenting his personal life and the world around him.  

Above, his father and himself.

They often capture positively mundane-seeming moments, but through his composition and format, they take on much greater meaning about relationships and familial dynamics, capturing small significances fluctuating between loneliness and intimacy.

The shifting focal planes between the photos manipulate the panorama into a much different image than if the scene were contained within one shot, and for the viewer, the physical distance and perspective translates into an emotional distance and perspective. 

The tryptich format also suggests more of a story-telling element than would a single shot, as he directs the viewers eye from frame to frame, creating a narrative. 

This, combined with the almost fish-eye lens-like quality created by the changing focal planes and vivid colors, leaves these photos floating between fiction and memory and leaves the viewer wondering if they were simple records of moments, or constructed tableaus.

David Hilliard website here.

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