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I've decided to extend this "Fresh Pulp" category to new blogs I come across, in addition to magazines, since I come across so many of both that I want to share.

Here, for your enjoyment, 30 Days, which chronicles one person's outfits over 30 days! 

I love this concept as an alternate to street style blogs where you just get one shot of a person, or, alternately, one person's blog where you see just their outfits every day.

With this concept, you get to see how people work their wardrobes!  This cute lady works for Tracy Reese.

Here, just a sampling...

PS - I saved this quite a long time ago to share and just got around to doing it, and I just checked back on it and it looks like it hasn't been updated in quite a while... too bad.  Still, what's in there is still interesting to browse.  Hope they'll bring it back online!

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