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Listening through a bunch of stuff online looking for a new album to download, jumping from one band to another, listening to clips of songs, nothing was catching my attention...
until I came across this LA-based band, the Local Natives.

With a sound that hovers between Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, and Grizzly Bear, it's hard not to like them.  But that isn't to say they're just they another band jumping on the bandwagon of chorus vocals, Afropop beats, harmonies, etc.  Although they do incorporate those elements, their sound still manages to bring something new and intriguing, and I can't get enough of them.


The new album, Gorilla Manor, which came out in February, is named after the nickname of the house in Silver Lake where they all lived while they wrote and produced this album.  Listen to more songs here, or download the album on iTunes.  

I'm pretty sure they're going to blow up, so you should probably go ahead and give them a listen.

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  1. Local Natives are all the rage right now. They've been touring in Texas (I'm in Austin) and blowing up the scene. Good find!


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