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I adore the food blog Smitten Kitchen.  It always puts me in the mood to cook. 

I just came across this recipe for Chard and Sweet Potato Gratin in a hunt for what to do with Swiss Chard, and I just think Deb is the funniest, most likeable person.  ...Or, well, at least it seems that way from her writing... I feel like I know her, but I guess I really don't.  Ohh the deceptiveness of the internet.

Here's how she introduces the recipe:

"Surely I’m not alone in this: When I’m eating starchy foods, I think I should be eating more greens. When I’m eating my greens, I wish I had heavier foods to balance them. And pretty much all of the time, I wonder why it has been so long since I made macaroni and cheese."

 Click here for the recipe, or here for her blog.  I'm also presently craving the radicchio, apple, and pear salad she just talked about.

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