Bibliotheque - Now and Then

I still love the original "Bibliotheque" wallpaper designed by Richard Neas (read more about him here) for Brunschwig & Fils,

"Bibliotheque" in Nina Campbell's home.

and I just discovered this new version by French design company homology...

I've also seen this version, in Gary Spain's portfolio, but I'm not sure who it's by:

I still prefer the old-school versions like this and the Brunschwig one at top, where it looks hand-drawn rather than photo-realistic, but I still thought the new one was worth sharing.  

Also, I discovered homology because of this other trompe l'oeil wallpaper they are doing:

I'd never seen anything like it! You can wallpaper your walls so that they look button tufted!

  My friend Rayna's apartment in LA has the facade of the kitchen island that faces the living room, underneath the bar top, upholstered and button tufted in a cream just like this and it looks so pimp. 

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  1. Hi there. I was wondering if you had the website for the homology biblioteque wallpaper?


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