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Animal photographer Sharon Montrose's work still gets me.  How does she manage to make these totally cute-overload images without them just being totally cheesy? 

I don't know, but she walks that line well, and I like it. 

Above - Baby Pig, Baby Deer, and Baby Porcupine

Here's more of her work, beyond the Baby Animals series.  Also, in addition to the prints she sells, she works with tons of corporate clients for ads.  What a fun job!

I'm experiencing cute overload just working on this post.  This is too much.


No seriously, stop it.

Isn't she amazing at capturing their personalities??

And finally, a shot of the artist at work.  Seriously, tell me that must not be the must fun job ever. 

It's even better than the ones you think up as a kid like working at a zoo or being a veterinarian.

Sharon Montrose prints available on etsy here.

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