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I've gotten a few messages from readers asking more about my job, so I thought I'd share a little bit from a current project I'm working on.  It's a new development that will be a wine country inn composed of lots of cute little white board and batten cottages, along with a restaurant, gym, spa, and pool.  

Above is the inspiration board I put together for the project, which gives a general idea of both the aesthetic we're going for (cottages/old boarding houses/barns), and also the feel for the whole environment-- retro, family-friendly, good clean fun.  

Think bingo nights, picnics, shuffleboard, movies played on a screen on the side of the barn, rocking chairs on porches, bike rides around town, etc....

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Here are closeups of the board (please excuse the iPhone photo quality)...

So essentially, what my company does is to make this whole feeling a reality, as expressed through the architecture and interiors, in everything from the furniture to the pool cabanas to the door knobs, as well as all the other little details of the hotel, like signage, key fobs, and menus.  So for example instead of your room service dinner arriving on a golf cart, like it would at most cottage hotels, we're going to have dark green tricycles with big baskets that arrive with your food, and lots of other fun little details like that.  Ta-da!

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