Graphic Fix >> High Design for Low Effort Meals

I cannot believe these are microwave meals.  Can.  Not.  Believe.  I saw these and assumed it was one of those really well-designed things you come across online and then the info says "student project" and it turns out it's not actually a real product.  Not so here.  These are sold in the UK by COOK, and in addition to being so, so beautifully designed, they sound really delicious, and there's a sticker in the top right corner telling you the name of the chef that prepared the meal.

These would be pretty as stationery!  So the fact that it's packaging for something generally so commercial-looking, usually using glossy, over-saturated, close-up photos of the steaming meal you are about to buy and big slogans zinged dramatically across the front to grab your attention, these are so refreshingly simple, classic, and photoshop-free.

Designed by LOVE Creative.

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