Graphic Fix >> Brown paper packages tied up with string...

I love anything field guide-esque, and I love brown paper with red and white bakers' twine, so I immediately fell hard for these "tying the knot" themed wedding invitations.  But the cover of the "guidebook to tying the knot" is only the beginning.  There's even more to love inside...

They just nailed every detail.  The fonts, the stamps with the date, the retro clip art-like icons on the "be prepared" page, the luggage tag, the trail map, the very "official"-looking, unsentimental layout of the cover, ugh, I'm dying.  These aren't just invitations, this is like full-on branding for their wedding.  I don't know that I'd ever do something like this for my own wedding, but I am obsessed with how creative and thorough this is!

Designed for and by, not surprisingly, a guy who works for a branding firm Urban Influence -- he is the groom as well as the designer!

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