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OMFG Co., design firm behind the Ace Hotels' collateral materials, does it again with the new Portland sports bar Spirit of '77.  Love the giant sign and scoreboard, and did you notice that the wall behind the bar is a basketball floor?

One reason I find my job (hospitality design) so interesting is that for hospitality interiors (bars, hotels, restaurants), you are combining interior design and branding, creating not just a space, but an entire world, from scratch.  The interior design has to be well done, of course, as it would be in a home, but at the same time you are reinforcing a brand message at every turn.  

And I don't mean putting the establishment logo everywhere.  What I mean is that every single aspect, from the fonts on the signage, to the paper products (menus, in-room binders, door tags), to the food and drinks, to the kinds of glasses and silverware you choose, all have to speak the same language, constantly reminding the visitor what the place is all about.

OMFG Co. does such a great job of this.  If you've ever been to an Ace Hotel, you know what I mean.  From the second you walk in the door, it's a full on experience that is so specific because every detail supports the experience.


  1. Super awesome! And oh my lord, I am dying to get out to Palm Springs and see all those sweet hotels... really should have thought harder about my honeymoon! I love all the event photos I see from those places. Though I'm sure the non-Palm Springs Aces are equally cool.

    Coolest of all is that you're in hospitality design -- I didnt know that's where you'd landed! Sounds fascinating and fun. Hooray for you!

  2. Oh no, don't worry, you don't wish you'd gone to Palm Springs for your honeymoon. It's very cool, but the emphasis really is on the cool... it's quite a scene but there's not a lot of natural beauty in my opinion, unless you love the desert! And it's SO HOT. When I was there over labor day it was like 115 and all we did was stay in the pool. Like under water. So you didn't die of heat stroke. I'd just take on a night or two in Palm Springs when you're in LA some time, you don't need more time than that.

    The NYC Ace is awesome, great restaurant/bar/coffee shop/lobby scene, so check it out next time you're there.

    Thank you!! Yes I LOVE love it. Will post about current projects soon... fun stuff! Hope you and Otto are doing well, I keep seeing those super cute pics on FB!

  3. Good point. Jon's bro is in LA so we'll have to take a side jaunt whenever we make it out there to visit! Don't think I can sustain a scenester vibe for more than one or two outfits anyway... :)


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