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I will pretty much take any opportunity to post something about or by a Spade, any Spade, but particularly* Andy Spade.  Apparently, WSJ thinks he's pretty cool too and published a little interview.  Intro below, interview here.

After co-creating the mega accessories brands Kate Spade and Jack Spade, selling them and then fleeing corporate life, Andy Spade has just launched an unusual hybrid advertising agency-gallery-boutique called Partners & Spade. In his Manhattan storefront, he sells whimsical collectibles including Ghanaian flags, vintage hotel soaps and antique microphones and hosts art exhibits. In his back room, he produces films and photography books, and advises companies like J. Crew. 

*A brief anecdote on the phrase "in particular":  Last week, my sister asked my niece (age 5), "Augusta, is there anything in particular you'd like in your lunch box today?"  Augusta replied, in a huff, "uhhh WHAT is a PATICKLE?"

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