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The Huffington Post column "Let's Bring Back," authored by Lesley M. M. Blume, is about to be released as a book!  In the column, Blume features vestiges of bygone eras that have been forgotten along the way but deserve to be brought back.  Such as:

Silk Stockings: “... Once the most divine mistress gift, along with chocolates, roses, and that sort of thing.”
Radio Dramas:  “... A picture may be worth a thousand words, but radio plays let the imagination run wild.”
Femme Fatales:  “Hollywood used to be absolutely heaving with them.”
Skating parties:  “Best when followed by hot buttered rum and a divine after-party supper.”

I'm particularly obsessed with this one:

The Stork Club: "...Each little table sported a discreet telephone on which you could call the other tables.  That is a charming feature."

I'm dying to work on a project in which we could incorporate this idea!  Now I'm all panicked that someone else in the business is going to read this same article/book, and in like three months I'm going to read about a cool new bar in New York that has phones on each table.

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  1. I read this article and thought of you! Glad you noticed it too.


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