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Found item collage portraits by Zac Freeman combine pointilism, impressionism, and mixed media by using film canisters, telephone parts, gears, and other odds and ends to create faces that are the sum of their parts.

I like... but... also kind of just feels like a mash-up of some of Chuck Close and Vik Muniz's work:

Chuck Close, "Phillip Glass," 1977, Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper

Chuck Close, "Big Self-Portrait," 2000-2001, Acrylic on Canvas 

So Chuck Close has got the pointilist portrait thing going on...

Vik Muniz, "Self-Portrait (Back) (Pictures of Magazines)," 2003, Chromogenic Print

Vik Muniz, "Toy Soldier," 2003, Chromogenic Print (of toy soldiers)

 ...And then Vik Muniz takes the idea to the collage realm, using hole-punched bits of magazines and toy soldiers and everything in between to make portraits (as well as recreations of Old Master pieces).  So while Freeman's work is impressive for its tedium and is interesting to look at, and he certainly has an eye for light and dark, I kind of feel like he's ripping off two other great artists... do you?  

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  1. No. I don't feel as though he's ripping off two great artists. Though Chuck Close and Vik Muniz are incredible artists, it doesn't mean that other people can't create art in this style or use this medium or method, just think about all other art genres, how many artists produce similar work?


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