Must See >> Waiting for Superman

I can't wait for this film to come out here in Santa Barbara, everyone needs to see it.

Did you know that this generation in the US will be less literate than the previous generation?  That's a frightening statistic, and only one of many frightening realities about our education system presented in this film.

Tonight, Arianna Huffington will be hosting a virtual town hall with Davis Guggenheim, the director (also directed An Inconvenient Truth) and Joel Klein, the chancellor of NYC schools to discuss about the film and education reform in general, and anyone can participate!

It seems like the PR team behind this film is doing a great job garnering attention for their screenings with the director and things like this virtual town hall, and I'm so glad, it deserves as much publicity as it can possibly get!

The virtual town hall will be streamed live here

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