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An interesting article from GOOD Magazine on Brad Pitt's Make It Right organization working to rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward.  Here, a few excerpts:

"Their vision is more ambitious than those of the other nonprofit organizations and government agencies that came to town after Katrina. Most were hoping to shelter homeless families; Make It Right wants to model a new paradigm of sustainable low-income homeownership."
"It's a surreal scene: a hyper-modern housing development in the middle of nowhere that answers some of New Orleans's oldest building challenges even as it clashes with the city's traditional patina."
"'People who lost everything, they want their memories to come alive again," says Carol McMichael Reese, an architecture historian. "And so in that way, I think the clients of Make It Right have been very brave, really, because they've sort of embraced the future.'
She was talking about the modern design of the homes themselves. But there's something even braver about moving into a modern home that's one of, for now, just a few residences in an expanse of empty lots."
You can read the rest of the article here.
Make It Right website here.

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