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Still seriously loving the Kentucky home of Mark Badgley and James Mischka, as photographed for Elle Decor.  

This photo above always gets me, I like pretty much every element... the color-coordinated cookbooks + hanging pots and pans + white subway tile + high-contrast countertop + brass drawer hardware.

Lots of my favorite things for a dining room-- built-in bookshelves, cozy size, dark walls... Interesting that the books on the bookshelves provide almost the only color throughout the house.

Notice that the house has almost no color (other than the books on the bookshelves)-- they make great use of contrasting whites and black and warm it up with lots of wood tones and shades of leather.  Also no patterns other than plaid!  Sounds like it would be severe but it's not!

Love this bedroom.

Click through for more photos-- another bedroom, the horse barn, and a frightening "before" photo...

These walls look pink, but I can't tell if it's just the light?  The other walls are mostly Sherwin Williams Modern Gray, according to the article in Elle Decor.

Badgley is actually a serious horse-person, so they fully refurbished the barn and riding ring for his two show-horses, Brando and Cooper, so named "because they are so good-looking." Ha! 

The kitchen before the remodel!!!  

[original Elle Decor article online here]

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