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After visiting Paula Rubenstein in Soho (see below image) recently, I've been having a bit of a thing for quilts, (looking at them on etsy and whatnot, and then generally feeling sorry for myself that I didn't have a mom who quilted (because quilts are so much more legitimate when they're made from materials with a meaningful heritage)), so when I saw that A.P.C. is going to be selling limited edition quilts designed my Jessica Ogden made from fabric samples from the vast A.P.C. archives, it fairly put me over the edge.

(An image from the NYT of the wall of antique American textiles and quilts at Paula Rubenstein)

How cool to have a quilt made from fabrics from the archives of a beloved brand?  Their clothes, though I love the Frenchness of the pared-down, effortlessly-casual-yet-just-right designs, generally fit me quite oddly, so I've only ever bought a few select items, preferring to just wander the Soho store soaking up the aesthetic... particularly the wonderfully worn and uneven wood floors... those floors were a revelation the first time I went to the store.

So anyway, this quilt thing seems a must-- if I can't wear their clothes, I'll sleep under them!  Or at least, tiny bits of them all sewn together with love.  

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