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I really want to like Best Made Co's Axes.  They've been getting a LOT of attention in the designy-man-world, and I do really like their aesthetic, and I know on an instinctual level that they're "cool," but I just can't quite get into the idea of a pretty axe, as I'm pretty sure anyone who cares about their axe being pretty isn't using an axe.  Right?  Like what outdoorsman is like, "wow I just love the color palette of the painted stripes on this axe"?

Still, I do like the looks of them, even though I can't justify their existence or purchase.  And I do like these maps block-printed with their logo.  Again, they don't quite make logical sense, but I am drawn to the aesthetic.  Well, I like maps, and I like x's (seriously, also equal-armed t's), so it wasn't a hard sell. 
And it makes slightly more sense to me to buy a cool-looking thang to hang on your wall than to buy a cool-looking axe, purportedly a functional object, that you'll obviously never use.

Best Made Co maps here (of course sold at Partners & Spade).

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