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Over the summer, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Levi's collaborated to put on free screenings of "famous movies in famous places."  For the series, they had new, awesome-ly graphic and pared-down posters designed for the films by Olly Moss.

I discovered these through screenwriter John August's website in his post about what he calls "unsheets."  "One-sheets" are what Hollywood people call the posters designed for movies that are hung outside of theaters and are solely meant to sell tickets.  They are generally formulaic and not very artistic, and almost always use the font Trajan (see hilarious video here about the unending use of Trajan for movies).  

"Unsheets," on the other hand, are movie posters designed by fans after the movie has come out and typically have no commercial purpose, but rather are just designed as an homage to the movie (like these A Single Man posters I loved or this Coffee & cigarettes poster).  While one-sheets are often photoshop horrors of scenes from the movie that you would never want to hang on your wall, unsheets are distilled artistic representations that get at the essence of the film and are often quite well-done, like the Olly Mosses here.  

I love this concept of unsheets, both because they are often really well designed and because I like that they are commonly done by designers for fun... ie, random acts of creativity!, and will have more posts to come on them...

[2010 Rolling Roadshow]
[Olly Moss]
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