Must See >> Martin Scorsese for Bleu de Chanel

What happens when you give Scorsese only 1 minute to tell a story?

It comes out just like a Scorsese-- a man trying to find himself, flashing camera bulbs and shutter sounds, an opening sequence pulled from another point in the story's timeline, Rolling Stones, etc. The only thing missing is violence, but you wouldn't necessarily want that in a cologne ad.  Pretty fantastic little film.

Speaking of short films, have you noticed the trend of fashion houses hiring big name directors to shoot "short films" rather than "commercials" these days?  I like it!  I'd much rather watch a little short than a traditional ad!

The GANT film wasn't a big name director, but it did definitely have this short film feel.  If you missed it, catch it here.

PS - I'm mad for the painted patterned floors at 0:30.  Aren't they amazing??

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