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From famed industrial designer Adrian Van Anz, who also makes custom computers featuring chrome, deer hide, and raw aluminum, comes the Derringer-- a cross between a 1920s-style board track motorcycle and a bike.  A designy, eco-conscious commuters dream.

With an upcoming move to San Francisco, a city where parking is a daily nightmare and one could theoretically bike everywhere but would arrive at nearly every destination covered in sweat, the motorized bicycle has never seemed more practical.  

That's right, I don't just want one because they are each custom built for their rider, fitted with a Brooks leather seat, finished in paint colors so specific they take eight coats to achieve (this particular fact really gets me), or available with monogrammed gas caps, I actually think it would be a very practical gift for myself, like an ironing board or blender, just prettier.

Did I mention they get 150 miles to the gallon?  And that I'll be commuting every day over the Golden Gate out to Marin?  

[PS- My favorite is the British racing green.  Just sayin'.]

[Adrian van Anz website]
[Derrigner Cycles website]

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