Best Made Co. Strikes Again

In my ongoing love-hate relationship with Best Made Co., I present to you a preview of their soon-to-be-released short films, which, based on the clip, seem to prove that their designy axes actually are functional, not just pretty.  And of course, the video itself is pretty.  Shot at 2000 frames per second, it's actually pretty stunning.

I still maintain that anyone who is seriously into axes and hard (yard) labor probably doesn't care if their axe is painted with cool stripes, but, nonetheless, I'm a sucker for everything these guys put out there!  From the axes to the maps to the videos!  Why!  The degree to which this stumps (bahhh axe pun) me is sort of absurd.

I have no problem with functional objects being well-designed; in fact, on the contrary, I'd say I'm borderline obsessive about my functional objects being pretty.  My problem is that I don't think the business model makes sense-- I just can't believe that if you made a Venn diagram of axe-wielders and pretty-functional-object-lovers that the circles would overlap very much.  

Hence, I'm dying to know the profile of their customer.  If they largely live in Manhattan and Brooklyn, then that proves my point but only furthers my annoyance, as I can just imagine people hanging these things on their wall to look cool and never touching them again.

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