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Unmarked Tennis Courts, Manchester, NH

 I just don't get sick of aerial photography (see past posts here and here).  It's the wonder you felt as a kid looking out of a plane window, captured in a photograph, how awesome.  Ok, I still feel that way looking out of a plane window.

I am really digging the graphic quality of these images by Alex MacClean.  I'm fairly obsessed with that top image of unmarked tennis courts-- it's just so cool that you can't tell at all what it is until you know the title.

 Marias River Drainage and Pivot Irrigator, Loma Area, MT

I seem to like the images more the more they abstract what the subject actually is-- it's cool to see these views of very real, tangible things only for their graphic qualities.  If you visit his website you'll see he has tons of different subjects and style, but I'm most drawn to the bold, graphic, and pattern-suggestive images.

Floating Daisy Docks, Chicago, IL

B-52 Bone Yards, Tuscon, AZ

Apple Trees After Spring Snowstorm, Clinton, Mass

[Alex MacClean website]

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