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 Oh right, it has pretty wedding dresses, blah blah blah, who cares!  It's the interiors of the new J. Crew Bridal Boutique that have me swooning.

My favorite interiors aren't generally overly feminine, but the new J. Crew Bridal Boutique is just. so. elegant.  

And actually, it's not overly feminine.  It's a perfect dose of feminine.  I muse a lot about how I feel like menswear and masculine interiors are so on it right now, but that not many people are nailing a classic, yet interesting, feminine look (see: J. Crew Men's Store vs J. Crew Women's Store), but this just does it for me.  

The balance of delicate brass with soft greys, curved lines (in the seating) with straight lines (tables), the strong contrast of the black frames on the white walls, oh la la.  Going on the lustlist are that desk and the nail-head trimmed screen.

And think about it, if you said the main colors of a room were going to be brass, grey, black, and white, you could imagine something quite masculine.  But instead the use of brass is light and elegant, the greys are in soft velvets and wools, and the stark black and white is balanced with plush textures (rug, dresses everywhere), flowers, and a chandelier.  It feels very feminine, and yet, it's not filled with girly colors and there are no floral patterns, or even patterns at all, in sight.

Ok and allow me to just draw your attention to the floors for a moment: I love the herringbone floors, obviously, that's one of my favorite kinds of flooring ev-er, but are they completely unstained?  Or is it just a super light stain?  I wish they were a little darker, do you?  Also, thoughts on the marble baseboards?!?  Now I love marble, and the idea of marble baseboards sounds oh-so-luxe, but next to the unfinished-looking floors, it seems a little off to me.  Too picky?

Also, this is just too weird-- the image below is a compass rose my sister and I painted on the floor of her summer house a couple of weeks ago, that she'd been dying to do forever, and check out the image at top!  Apparently J. Crew was feeling floor-stars as well.

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