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My sister and I have a fascination (obsession?) with well-designed trailers, starting and ending with the Airstream.  They are the holy grail of trailers, with their brilliant trademark aluminum siding that makes them forever the coolest and most-recognizable trailer.

You can't get much more Americana.

We've discussed using them for everything from actual tours around the states to stand-alone hotel rooms clustered on a piece of land to inspiration for packaging for... well.. I can't actually tell you because you might like the idea so much you'd take it. 

Much to our delight, Airstream continues to turn out new models that have that retro appeal without getting too kitschy about it.  Through collaborations with everyone from Design Within Reach to Victorinox, I'm pretty sure there's an Airstream out there for everyone.   (The one above was retro-fitted by Ralph Lauren.)

Click through for the latest and greatest from Airstream...

From largest to smallest...

Above, the enormous Panamerica, in which you're essentially towing a hotel suite plus your own garage behind you (it has 11 feet reserved for motorcycles, atvs, etc), below, the more compact and tricked out Victorinox Swiss Army special edition.

And finally, the cute little Basecamp, below, even has a pop-out tent, in case you were feeling a little guilty about pretend-camping in a trailer. 

There's also a pretty cool version for the Mini Clubman that I posted back here
And here is the DWR version.

Airstream website here.


  1. E -
    Have you been to the Shady Dell in Bisbee, AZ? Cool concept...little kitschy.

  2. Just checked it out! I'd never heard of it.. that's awesome. Also just discovered Kate from the B52s has a similar concept hotel in the Catskills... too fun.


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