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M. Ward "Chinese Translation" from DJBunnyEars on Vimeo.

I'd never seen any videos for M. Ward's music until I came across this on Leo Basica's blog, and I seriously love this little gem of a video.  The song is wonderful, and the animation for the video is quite charming.  You know how after watching some music videos, you know that the video will forever after play in your mind when you hear the song, because they just went together so well?  This is one of them.

After watching it, you really can't imagine the video for this song being any other way than exactly this-- it's pretty remarkable how well the tone of the song and the simple, folksy visuals go together.  I've watched it about four times now, and I actually think the animation gets more charming every time.

[Leo's web design company's website here]

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