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 Chance, a new line by Julia Leach, former creative director of Kate Spade, is all centered around the striped French fisherman's/navy t-shirt.  And, not surprisingly, that makes for a collection of perfect summer essentials.  I'll take one of everything, please. 

They also have a great timeline of the history of the striped shirt, including Matisse's self-portrait wearing one!

Of course I would find this right after purchasing a child-sized St. James tee because I couldn't find an adult-sized one I thought was as legit (and the St. James is def legit).  And let me tell you, a child's size 14 has a pretty strange overall shape when worn by a non-kid.  Clearly, I was desparate.  I also bought that exact tank on the right from Target, which also has a weird fit, obviously, because it's from Target.  If only I had held out.

My super-cool niece Mini (age 14) last week, after spending a week straight together was like, "you wear a lot of stripes."  So, I guess I can't justify another stripe purchase after a comment like that.  

However, one of my other super-cool nieces, Sadie (15), (yes I'm obsessed with my neices/nephews) told me that she had been considering buying the exact same kids' St. James tee!!  Without knowing I had it!  So that made me feel a little better.  And now I feel like I have good karma for directing her to this Chance one instead.  

And now I've directed you there too.  Enjoy!

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