Sentimentia >> 1.19.10

I think it's probably common knowledge by now that I love (love) letters, general world-brightening acts of creativity*, and clever sentementia**, so I find this couple, of the blog Something's Hiding in Here, to be beyond cute. In fact, I can't believe they exist in the real world and not an Indie movie starring Zooey Deschanel.

Below, a few of the things they made for each other in their "i made this for you" project.

*see other "random acts of creativity" posts
**(not a word, but should be, refer to other Latin based nouns "eloquentia," "providentia," etc., actually not related to "dimentia," only sharing a suffix)

Shauna had been working on a big project, so Stephen made this sign along her route to work out of paper cups to cheer her on.

Stephen carved Shauna's initials into a tree in a park where they walk their dogs... love how old fashioned and simple it is. Swoon.

Shauna took out this ad in one of Stephen's favorite magazines, Uppercase.

And in my unending love of creative public defacement in the name of love/beauty, I of course really like this one. Stephen went out and spray painted hearts on a billboard that faces their loft. He said she was quite surprised when she woke up the next morning and saw it out their window.

found via the wonderful pixelsandarrows

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