Loving the cozy apartment of fashion photographer Carter Smith! I love:
-The dark painted built-in book case
-The assortment of objet and art on the bookcase
-Particularly, the art is framed on the outside of a bookcase
-That stack of eye-catching pink and purple books on the right. I know some people are soo over books arranged by color, but the styling touch of having a stack of bright books works here!
-The simple-lined sofa in wool upholstery (at least I think it's wool... or maybe mohair velvet?) with nailhead trim... all in all very tailored looking, but not stiff.
-The beeaaams, oh the reclaimed-wood-looking beams and wide-plank wood floors.
-The black hide on the ottoman! Adds some shine against the grey wool, raw wood, and dark bookcase.
Don't love the floppy floral pillows. Sorry. Hate to hate, but had to say it.

Below, more photos of his apartment, along with some of his work that has fall/winter feel similar to his apartment.

-The exposed brick walls.. I think I will always be a sucker for them...

In fact, I think that: Exposed brick + wood beams + sturdy, handsome antique furniture + any tufted upholstery (bonus if it's antique) + Belgian linen, leather, velvet, and cashmere + a dash of mid-century French industrial + books everywhere + a little glamour in the form of shiny things === a winning combo for moi every time

Thus, I really like the mercury glass lamp above and the shiny chartreuse curtains. Well, I mean everything, actually. It's not quite my perfect combo, but it covers many of the bases.

via This is Glamorous and Art + Commerce, Smith's agency. Not sure who decorated his place... maybe he did!

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