Made Well Indeed

Once again, as with the Garance + Scott romance that I just now uncovered, I just figured out that Madewell is owned by J. Crew (confirmed by WWD). Now it makes total sense! I loved the windows and storefront and knew someone smart had to be behind it, and anything owned by J. Crew is probably going to get it right with Mickey Drexler at the helm and Jenna Lyons leading the creatives.

The brand, which is named after the defunct American workwear label they took over, is J. Crew's women's-only more casual and bohemian line.

J. Crew has been only on the up and up the past few years, so I have no doubt that Madewell will get there, but at the moment I don't think it's look has quiiite fully evolved. The merch has gotten better over the past year, and there are some great basics, but it still isn't obsession-inspiring.

Also, in comparison to the creative, extremely well-curated TriBeCa J. Crew Men's Store (below) that was born fully-hatched with every detail in line with its message, it leaves much to be desired.

However, I will say that they've inspired glimmers of loyalty in me (and hope that they will end up super cool) simply because they sell my favorite French tennies- Bensimons!!

Above, a fave look from the website.

At top, a spread from Boston Common magazine. Men's Store photos from NYMag and complex.com.

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