Obliteration of Eternity

What you are looking at is a room of mirrors, lit with hundreds of candles hung on wires at different heights, with a shallow pool of water on the floor for an added layer of reflection (and disorientation, as the water ripples).

Installed at Gagosian Gallery in New York last summer, this work is by contemporary art doyenne Yayoi Kusama. Barely comprehensible in the above photos, the black and white gives a better sense of where the walls are, as you can see where they meet (and then meet again and then meet again and then meet again in all the reflections).

And guess what, you enter that after walking through this blank white room, and then the actual installation room is not very big at all!!

Watch this video for a better sense of the three dimensionality of the space and the effect of the glimmering light thrown off by the candles.

Infinity Room from mamojo on Vimeo.

How amazing is that?!! So simple, and yet so creative and other-worldly. Talk about transporting the viewer! (..or in this case the expiencer!)

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