The Other Side of the Lens

In the new Louis Vuitton ad campaign, the cameras are turned on Annie Liebovitz, who photographed their "core values" campaign. Antoine Arnault, LV's communications director, said he intended it as a gesture of support to her in her widely known financial troubles. Interestingly, she insisted that her fee be used to hire someone to pose with her, to which he agreed. Mikhail Baryshnikov was her choice, and the resulting photo is above. The ads start Feb. 1.

Below, a photo of the famous dancer taken by Liebovitz.

via Women's Wear Daily

Also in fashion today... I so love this photo by Garance at Pitti...

Don't they look cool?? Dark hair (particularly if it's slightly rumpled and/or curly) + good scruff (+optional scarf, must be worn right) = instant allure for moi.

These two guys are looking pretty cool too...

Why do I love grey hair so much. Also a grey-haired ponytail is so mysterious looking, especially in this case where it looks like it's probably a bun, because it's like, what, are you a samurai in your old age?

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